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Name: Shade
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male (note that he is biologically sexless)
Species: Dragon
Powers: Can manipulate darkness; in other words, shadowmancy. He only speaks telepathically, but cannot read minds. Also, flight: that comes with the territory of being a dragon.

Personality: Prideful. Can get hostile when others threaten his ego, and even otherwise he is conniving and manipulative. Has zero sense of humor and tries to keep cool, although he's terrible at hiding his expressions. In a nutshell, he's hard to be friends with, but he's civil enough to have a few conversations with. He enjoys peace, stillness, and routine. Has a fear of dying.

Short History: Shade lived in a world where 13 dragons dwelled. Twelve of them controlled the elements, and the last one, called Elysius, was appointed their leader. All was well, for a time, until the Time Dragon betrayed the group. She convinced Shade to join her side--she told him that in a potential future, Elysius would cause their deaths.

Feeling spiteful, Shade manipulated Elysius into doing evil. Why? Because now Elysius wasn't potentially bad, but it was a reality, and Shade had justification to kill his leader. However, he failed in that. Shade only ended up cracking Elysius' soul in half, leading to a permanent psychosis-like state. Elysius did remember one thing, though: it was Shade's fault, and he wanted revenge.

Appearance: See picture.

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Backtagging: Ask first, I'll take it case by case.
Threadhopping: Sure, if it's cool with the other player it's cool with me.
Fourthwalling: Another one you'll have to ask me about.
Offensive subjects: I'm not offended by anything, but I'm an asexual who finds smut squicky. I don't think that information will be relevant with this character.


Hugging this character: Allowed.
Kissing this character: It'd be weird since, you know... bestiality. If it's some kind of platonic kiss-on-the-forehead or something, sure.
Flirting with this character: As before, let's not get into bestiality, but flirting is fine as a joke/from non-human characters.
Fighting with this character: Always fun.
Injuring this character: Injuries that heal in a week or two are always accepted--bruises, shallow cuts, etc. For anything that takes a long time to heal/never heals, ask.
Killing this character: Not right now. May change in the future.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it.

Warnings: Shade can get emotionally abusive. Players will be asked and warnings will be used if this takes place.

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